BRAND16®. If you know the WHO, you also know the HOW

95 % of our decisions are formed in the subconscious. The personality of an individual has a determining influence over this process, as it is probably the strongest filter on perception. If you know someone’s personality, then you also know what specific filter they are applying. Use this insight for your brand – in order to increase sales, to deploy budgets more efficiently, to increase the relevance of your brand.

The perfect combination of marketing and science

BRAND16® was developed in a strategic alliance between Publicis and the neuropsychological institute MassineScheffer. BRAND16® is not just a unique methodology aimed at opening up an effective access to individuals’ reward systems and decision filters. BRAND16® immediately translates these insights into concrete instructions for immediate operational implementation.

The globally unique: Neuro®IPS from MassineScheffer

The basis of BRAND16® is the Neuro®IPS from MassineScheffer. The Neuro®IPS is the innovative approach of our partner to making C.G. Jung’s personality model usable for brand management and communication consultancy.

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